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The TNS research group is headed by David Tennenhouse at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. We study systems and strategy issues related to networks, distributed computing, media and telecommunications. In the past year the group has initiated new activities in: wireless networking, active networks and information appliances. Other TNS projects are studying: ATM-based gigabit networking; desk area networks (DAN's); and desktop multimedia.

Although the group designs and builds some of its own hardware, our overall goal is to push software into every nook, cranny, cell-phone, camera and packet we can lay our bits on.

Our five year mission: To boldly code where no code has gone before!

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Telemedia, Networks, and Systems Group, Room 510, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, 545 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139, TEL +1 617-253-6005, FAX +1 617-253-2673

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