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The Engineering Futures Program is devoted to students who are the future of our profession and Tau Beta Pi. It prepares them for their careers by enhancing their technical effectiveness through interpersonal skills and teamwork development. The knowledge gained through the program and through participation in volunteer team activities will provide skills not taught in schools to these students.

Created from training materials used in more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, the program uses industry-relevant examples designed specifically for engineers and tailored for Tau Beta Pi. Each part of the program involves a "facilitator," videos, role play and other interactive excercises.

The materials are essentially instructor-independent. They are led by facilitators, a network of national volunteers that are practiciing engineers and Tau Bates.

"In order to promote excellence in the engineering community, Tau Beta Pi seeks to provide exemplary leadership and training opportunities to inspire each member."

Engineering Futures fills a gap in engineering-structured curriculum and provides industry with more professional graduates - team players

Tau Beta Pi benefits because more capable members strengthen the association.

The fundamental messages that have motivated our efforts are;

Engineering Futures Curriculum

Engineering Futures currently offers nearly 32 hours of material which can be presented to students at their schools, District meetings, or National Conventions.

The materials are categorized into four broad modules:

Each module consists of one to four two-hour sessions which can be done individually at chapters or all at once, if enough time is available. Modules consist of videotapes, role-playing, and other exercises and games which give the participants a chance to actually practice the skills discussed.

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How to arrange a session at your school

To arrange a session at your school, contact National Headquarters at 800-TAU-BETA.

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